We are at a tipping point to redefine the notion of wealth. What if meaningfulness is part of personal, organizational, and societal wealth? What would effective leaders look like?

i.m.i. institute, LLC was founded in 2007 on the belief that individual awareness and subsequent volitional changes create sustainable personal, organizational, and societal growth. To support desired and sustainable growth, we offer a variety of services to individual and organizational clients.

At an individual level, we offer services to support desired changes toward meaningful work, sustainable personal and professional growth including leadership development. At an organizational level, we offer services to improve internal processes that are key to foster employees' sense of meaningful work and thus the organization's high performing culture in support of sustainable growth.

Our company is named after a Japanese word, imi (意味) or meaning. Our logo is intended to signify the vast inner and outer workings we require to experience to achieve personal, organizational, and societal growth.

To reach your individual or organizations potential, contact Shizuka Modica for a free half hour consultation. We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.


Sustainable Economic Development Projects

i.m.i. institute is looking for new opportunities to partner with others to promote sustainable economic development projects here in the U.S. and around the globe.

Learning and Change Readiness

All of our work assumes that people are ready to learn new things and change. While change is difficult and at times, painful, our facilitators create a safe place for reflection, shift in thinking and feeling, action planning, as well as implementation. Throughout the learning/change processes, our facilitators fully support the clients so that they can sustainably grow.