Meaningful work for Sustainable Growth (workshop)

Nagoya, Japan

6:30 pm - 9 pm

January 29, 2018

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Leading Meaningfully for Sustainable Growth

One-Day Retreat at Shunkoin, a Zen Temple, in Kyoto

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monday, November 13, 2017

Facilitated by Shizuka Modica, PhD, ACC

with Rev. Taka Kawakami


According to Gallup’s 2013 global workforce engagement report, only 13% of the global workforce is fully engaged at work. For USA the fully engaged workforce is 32% and for Japan, it is a mere 7%. As engagement has become a proxy for high performance and productivity, corporate leaders rightfully want to increase their organization’s employee engagement rate. However, globally speaking and specifically in Japan, we may be facing a true leadership crisis. When the workforce is rapidly becoming more diverse due to the accelerated speed of globalization, leaders working in Japan may be at a loss to find solutions for employee engagement; prescriptive solutions often do not fit their employees’ diverse backgrounds or intrinsic motivation to perform at their best. This one-day retreat at a Zen temple in Kyoto may offer a breakthrough opportunity for managers and leaders to reflect on their leadership challenges and how to lead meaningfully for high engagement and thus high performance.

When we find our work meaningful, we willingly commit ourselves to excel beyond the call of our duty. A thorough understanding of how we make meaning is, for sure, important in managing not only our own but others’ performance. Yet how we make meaning is elusive at best to many of us. And for this very reason, meaningfulness has not been used to manage individual or organizational performance. However, the recent integration of positive psychology, existential psychology, and management is creating more concrete ways to use the concept of meaningful work in leading our own and others’ performance.

Why at the Zen temple? To lead others, we need to lead ourselves first. To lead ourselves, we need to have a personal practice to reflect on ourselves and our leadership styles. A Zen-temple setting will offer participants a quiet place for reflection and discoveries. There will be a couple of meditation sessions during the retreat. However, familiarity with meditation in any tradition is not required. In addition to personal reflection, there will be plenty of in-depth conversations with others. Bring your curiosity and willingness to discover something new! 

In this one-day retreat, you will explore:

1.       universal principles of motivational forces for meaning-making;

2.       how you make meaning in your own work (self-assessment);

3.       how you can apply these universal principles to excel in your work; and

4.       how you can create environments conducive to others’ positive meaning-making.

At the end of the day, you will leave the retreat with SMART goals to lead meaningfully for sustainable growth. To ensure your growth as a leader, follow-up coaching sessions are available upon request.

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